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Tariff proposal challenges...

Proposing telecommunication tariffs for Business and Corporate customers represents several challenges for Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Proposing tariffs adapted to your customers takes time

For Sales teams, determining which tariff is to be proposed to their customers is time consuming; business and corporate customers can have large fleet of devices (phones, smartphones etc), and their traffic pattern must be analysed: high 3G/4G traffic? low voice usage? what about roaming traffic? etc

Unmanageable shadow IT tools, spreadsheets and macros

To assist them in analyzing customer fleets and traffic patterns, Sales teams frequently rely on increasingly complex “shadow IT” or “low code” tools: spreadsheets running traffic simulations, macros, etc. Maintaining those tools becomes more and more complex, and those uncontrolled simulations can even represent a Financial risk.

Approving or rejecting tariff proposals

Business and Corporate customers frequently get “non-standard” tariffs: lower prices (price/minute or price/Kb), larger bundles (XX Gb for free), discounts (10% on national calls etc), hardware credits etc. Internally approving or rejecting those tariff proposals before they are shown to the customer is also a complex task: your customer traffic must also be taken into account.

Legal risks

Specific pricing restrictions usually applies on incumbent Communication Service Providers. Assessing if pricing proposals comply with all regulatory rules again has to take into account the customer traffic as well as all discounts and advantages the customer might get. This assessment is complex and crucial.

For Sales and Pricing teams

KimaOne provides solutions to Sales and Pricing teams from Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Kima One interprets your customer future traffic to propose adapted tariffs, and runs simulations to predicts your future margins and any other Finance KPI.

Adapted tariffs

Use your customer future traffic to propose the right tariffs to the right devices

Margin calculations

KimaOne uses your customer future traffic to calculate your future margins

Financial KPIs simulation

While building a proposals for your customers, KimaOne calculates in real-time your Financial KPIs, based on your customer future traffic

Regulatory checks

KimaOne ensure that any regulatory price restrictions is respected at all times

Traffic is key


Does your selling software fully takes into account your customer traffic patterns?



Interconnect costs

KimaOne simulates the interconnect costs impact on your future margins

Roaming costs

Your customer roaming traffic is used to calculate your internal costs

Differentiated tariffs

Based on the devices traffic, KimaOne instantly proposes adapted tariffs: roaming options for travelers, low tariff plans for users with minimum traffic, etc

Overflow calculation

KimaOne estimates the revenue you can expect when your customers traffic goes above their monthly allowance. Your customer asks for a 2Gb/month bundle whereas he regularly consumes more than 2Gb? Kima One calculates the extra-revenue you can expect from this traffic overflow.

Traffic extrapolation

Because your customer future traffic won’t be the same as past traffic, KimaOne has flexible traffic extrapolation strategies. Your customer internet traffic is constantly increasing whereas voice traffic decreases? With Kima One, you can run simulations on those traffic trends to accurately calculate your future profits.

Your customer traffic

Your customer traffic can be specified in multiple ways before running simulations. No complex IT development required and maximum flexibility.

Connection to any datasource

KimaOne can be configured to connect to any of your data warehouse system to retrieve traffic information related to your customers

Push traffic information

With its flexible and simple REST APIs your existing IT systems can push all traffic information to KimaOne

File upload

Spreadsheet, Excel files, text files, etc containing your customer traffic can be uploaded into KimaOne

Automated traffic generation

Don’t have any traffic information? No worries, KimaOne can automatically generate it for you based on the patterns that you choose

Manual entry

For simple cases, you can also directly enter in KimaOne your customer summarized traffic

on Cloud or on-premise

KimaOne is a Cloud solution – but it can also be installed on your servers


This is a lightest solution for you and the fastest way to start enjoying KimaOne’s features – No heavy IT project required, no IT infrastructure to buy, no operation team to monitor the software, we take care of everything


KimaOne can also be installed on your own servers like any other software, and operated by your own IT staff.

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Technical integration overview

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